Monday, January 6, 2014

Facebook Wall Poster

So you have a Joomla powered website, great content, and are starting to get visitors. If you haven't added Facebook integration though, you're missing out on a vital piece of social technology to engage with your users. By adding these features, like Facebook comments, you're actively letting your users know that you value their opinion and want their feedback. 

Even more, as these comments and engagements grow, more users will get a feel for how your site works, the types of users that are already active on your site, and this will continue the upward trend of gaining new users. Some may be put off on the thought of adding Facebook integration to their site. However, one of the primary benefits of using a CMS, like Joomla, is the power, ease, and flexibility of extensions. Utilizing already available add-ons, you can have Facebook comments up and running in mere minutes in your Joomla articles. 

Additionally, you have the power to customize the look and feel of the comments widget in order to tailor it to the look and feel of your site. Quickly change the font and background colors, the number of comments to show, and even whether the comment is posted directly on the user's wall. This latter feature, a post back to the user's wall, is an exciting way to attract new visitors to your site. With each comment posted, you'll not only be generating new content, you'll also be drawing the attention of the poster's full social network to your site. It's features like this that truly will make your site social, and is vital to attracting new guests to your site. 

In addition to comments, there are plenty of other features and advantages to adding Facebook capabilities to your site: Single-sign on capabilities allow user's a 1-click registration and login process. Excellent for easy access to your site without any lengthy registration forms. Like buttons let your users vote up Joomla articles that they find most relevant. Recommendation widget uses the user's Facebook preferences, in conjunction with other guests' 'Likes' in order to give suggestions of articles the user may enjoy the most. 

Fanbox widget shows how many people like the website in general, which helps build overall trust. Activity Feeds let your users see the most recent activity from your Facebook Fan Page. While Facebook comments alone are all that many administrators will want, or need, for their Joomla based website, all of these features can be combined for adding a powerful social component to your web presence.

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