Monday, July 27, 2015

Hen Party Games

Every Hen Party has to have games. Depending on the level of debauchery of your group, your games can range from the seemingly harmless to the incredibly outrageous. Listed below are some ideal hen party games to jazz up any party.

Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk - Get a poster of a sexy stud to pin to your wall (your local print shop may be able to blushingly assist you with the print work) and get the girls to blindfold themselves and attempt to pin the appendage on! Your appendage representation can be as innocent (a real cucumber) or as naughty as you wish. A word of caution: to protect from wine spills and other damage, laminate your appendage first.

Truth or Dare Poker – This can be achieved with an ordinary card deck, but a naughty deck from would definitely help. Rather than betting money, you bet dares. See how far you blush to achieve that flush!

Drinking Dice – The number you roll determines what you drink, and how much. To keep this one from a bad ending, you may choose to customise your list to only include drinks that Hens in your party will actually drink.

Dirty Minds – A series of raunchy clues lead toanswers. Here’s an example: it’s long, hard and red, and you can wrap your fingers around it. If you use it too often, you’ll damage your wrist. Theresult? A red pencil!

I’ve Never Ever – You say “I’ve never ever…” and then say something scandalously cheeky. If someone in the group has actually done it, they have to drink. Depending on how well you know your party guests, you may end up surprised, or very inebriated.

Another excellent bar game to play at your Hen Party do is Hen Night Back Slappers. A set of 10 different labels are to be stuck on unsuspecting bloke’s backs. The labels say really silly things like 'still a virgin', 'mummy's boy'. Now, for an extra dare, see if you can stick them on their fronts! Hen’s Night Back Slappers can be found at

There are heaps of games you and your girlfriends can do to make the night memorable. Just remember to keep it in perspective and have fun!

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